Benefits of a Geothermal Heat Pumps

Benefits to Homeowner and Business owner

The Geothermal heat pumps reduce demand and lower consumption. For the consumer this means lower utility bills.

In many applications, the ground temperature during mid-winter can be 40 degrees higher then the coldest air temperature. This significantly increases both the capacity and efficiency of Geothermal heat pumps. Depending on geographic location, Geothermal heat pump system have reduced heating costs 66% or more then electric furnaces. Also, improvements in cooling efficiency have been around 25%.

An additional advantage of the Geothermal heat pump system is reduced maintenance. The unit is indoors, which should give many of the electrical components a greater life expectancy. The compressor operates under less sever conditions, which themselves have a proven life expectancy that approaches 20 years.

Benefits to HVAC Contractor

The contractor benefit from having available to him a total electric system that:

  1. Competes with conventional heating and cooling equipment.
  2. Is an easy to sell system with excellent paybacks.
  3. Is a simple in operation with an expected lifetime exceeding that of conventional oil, gas and electric systems.
  4. Is in demand. Geothermal market is a fast growing market, expanding approximately 30% per year.
  5. Is creating excellent corporate image.

All contractors and businessmen who have excellent products with demonstrated desirable performance will benefit from having newly developed products for sale.

Benefits to Utility

The utility providers benefit from having available to its customers a total electric system that:

  1. Is energy efficient: For the electric utility, this system will provide sufficient improvements in efficiency that other fuel users will be convinced to use electric heating and cooling systems. In many cases this can be done without increasing the utility’s electric service size.
  2. Is bringing a demand redaction.
  3. Is in compliance with Environmental regulations.
  4. Is creating excellent corporate image.

Properly marketed by utility, this system should increase kilowatthour sales by attracting other fuel users.